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Here you can find all my favorite sk8 links.

Favorite Sites
Skater Net Here you`ll find a photo gallery, contest and some other great stuff.
Ramp Tech Here you`ll find a photo gallery and many stuff about Half-pipes, Bolws and other stuff.
Transworld Skateboarding Great Site!, You can find tons of stuff including Pics, videos, magazines and other stuff.
Monsterskate You can find articles, community, pictures, and video clips of skaters and the skate scene.
Skatetalk Skatetalk is a webchat site dedicated to skateboarders, but all are welcome.
Deluxe Skateboards Neat site, you can find selection of decks, trucks, wheels, and accessories. Also has photos, videos, and interviews with the pros.
Eboarding It has online skateboarding resource with pictures, videos, trick tips, news, reviews, contests, chat, and more.
SkaPunkSkateboarding It`s providing skateboarding trick tips, ramp plans, skatepark locators, help getting sponsored, injury help, pictures, games, essays, tons of info, and more.